PERSHAGEN is a three piece band based in Piteå, Sweden. Though only a trio, the music can be big and floating with a cinematic vibe. Within the realms of psychedelia, jazz and post-rock lies a cold and mellow feeling, yet beautiful and dreamy, that seeks to reflect on the life in north Sweden. 

SILVERARKEN is a concept album consisting of three parts. All together, these three parts form a whole that is meant to be listened to in one fell swoop, even if each part also stand on its own. We recommend that you listen to it from beginning to the end without interruption. 

The inspiration to this EP came out an old Swedish cult called ”Korpelarörelsen”, which was a religious movement based in Tornedalen (northern Sweden) during the 1930s. The music reflects the feelings and thoughts we have received from meddling in the stories about this cult. This is also why we have chosen to call it a concept album. 

Words that arose during the writing process: 
Dark… cold… industrial… mechanical… dystopia…. In the midst of these quite negatively charged words rests something beautiful though. We do not really know what it is yet, but its there somehow.


Jimmie Nilsson, Guitar
Johan Kalla, Drums
Jeff Johansson, Bass